WWS rent checks within 5 minutes

Optimize your rental income, prevent conflicts, and save time with our newly built WWS point checks.

The latest legislation

Our checks are up to date with legislation for july 2023 and the provisional plans for 2024.

No special knowledge required

Stop worrying about the complexity of WWS point checks. Our checks are simple and easy to use, no expert knowledge required!

Prevent conflict

Create clarity with PDF reports and prevent conflicts with the tenants association or possible fines.

The advantages of Realite WWS checks

Performing a point check manually is a time-consuming task that requires a detailed approach. Find out how Realite provides an efficient approach through automation and reduction of complexity.

Quick and accurate

Create WWS reports within a few minutes without any intervention from external parties or spreadsheets.

Ease of use

Navigate through our simple user interface with connections to EP Online, the WOZ Waardeloket and BAG.

Reporting and exports

Export your rent checks to PDF and request advice on potential improvements from our experts.

With or without premium

WWS Point checks are available in both Realite's premium and free plan!


Start from 50 cents per check

You can purchase WWS Checks in-app, regardless of what subscription you have. Every check includes an exports to PDF, up-to-date legislation, and the possibility to request an optimization report.

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from €1per check

Incl. VAT

  • Full WWS Rent check
  • 2023 and provisional 2024
  • PDF Exports
  • SBR rental lists
  • Advice from experts
- 50%


from €0.5per check

Incl. VAT

  • Everything from FREE
  • First check for free
  • 50% discount
  • Share with customers
  • Advanced features

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